City Update for the Woodlands from Mayor Gomez

1) At the June 8, 2022 Commission meeting, Mayor Gomez requested to extend the Woodlands Overlays until July 12, 2025.  It passed 4-1.  

2) Proposed Ordinance Temp Order Number 2015 proposes to change the house identification signs.  It will be discussed at the 7:00pm Commission Meeting October 12, 2022.  As this is on First Reading, comments about this item can be made during Public Comments only.

 3) As we know, the accidents at Commercial Boulevard and Woodlands Boulevard are increasing. Mayor Gomez has been pushing the County and FDOT for help with this for years, and she has started to see some progress. A couple of months ago, the County extended the red/green light timing and fixed some of the traffic light fixtures. 

As you may have noticed, the work below has been completed - Installing flexible yellow reflective back plates for the eastbound and westbound Commercial Boulevard signal head displays, where possible based on meeting minimum vertical clearance from the roadway.   The existing east/west signal heads are oriented in the horizontal position in order to meet the minimum vertical clearance from the roadway due to the sag of the older concrete pole and span-wire support system, and therefore, not all backplates may be able to be installed due to clearance issues.  Reflective backplates have proven to be an effective means to add visual contrast for the red-yellow-green LED indications, particularly during dusk, dawn, nighttime, and inclement conditions.  Additionally, County staff will also be installing additional 4-section “T” signal heads (dual red indications) with reflective yellow backplates on the far-side concrete signal poles to increase the visibility of signal head displays for eastbound and westbound drivers.  Supplemental signal displays have also been shown to be an effective safety countermeasure.  FDOT has concurred with these recommendations and has authorized the County to proceed.    

City Manager Gunn and Mayor Gomez met with members of FDOT to discuss fixing this intersection and others along Commercial with dedicated left turn lights (red/yellow/green) for eastbound and westbound traffic and fixing the turning lanes for northbound and southbound traffic.  Results of the meeting:  FDOT will survey all traffic at the intersections along Commercial Boulevard from University Drive to 441.  It is estimated that this study will be completed by April or May 2023.  The results will determine the next steps to be undertaken.

The Mayor will continue to advocate for the changes that are needed for everyone’s safety.

4) Noise Ordinance (to include ability to regulate party houses) The proposed Ordinance was sent back to the City Staff for revisions for revisions to strengthen the ability to enforce the same. It was anticipated to be on this week’s agenda but it is not.

 5) Parking Ordinance - The proposed Ordinance was sent back to the City Stafffor revisions to strengthen the ability to enforce the same. It has not yet come back to the Commission.