I need to make a maintenance payment. How do I do that?

Call Juda-Eskew and Associates, P.A.   ‭(954) 577-9700


Email:    CustomerService@homeownercpa.solutions


FAQ:      homeownercpa.solutions/FAQ

I have questions about my Section Pool?

Please refer to your Section for the appropriate contact person regarding pool issues.

I have questions my Section Clubhouse?

Please refer to your Section for the appropriate contact person for questions about your clubhouse.

What do I do if they didn't pickup my garbage?

Contact the City of Tamarac's Recycling and Trash Hotline, call: (954) 597-3740; you may also speak to a City of Tamarac representative about your recycling and trash questions, or concerns, by calling Tamarac's Public Works at (954) 597-3700.

How do I find out about the neighborhood exterior requirements?

Check out the Architectural Control link on the front page.

How do I report dead animals in the roadway?

If you see a dead animal on a City street, please inform Tamarac Public Works at (954) 597-3700.

How do I report school buses that are speeding or driving unsafely in our community?

Contact Broward County Public Schools at the hotline number (754) 321-0321.  Be prepared to provide the bus number, if possible, and the date, time and location of the issue.

How can we stop unleashed dogs?

There is a leash law in Broward County that states all dogs must be on a leash when off their owner’s property.  Notify the BSO Detail if they are on duty to assist you to find the dog's owner.  The following steps are from the Broward County Animal Care web page.

Step 1

Call Animal Care at 954-359-1313 , extension 9249 and provide them with the name and complete address of the dog owner and a time of day the owner is likely to be home. An Animal Care Specialist will be dispatched to the home, to inform the pet owner about the nuisance ordinance, and check for current rabies vaccination and Rabies Registration tag. The Animal Care Specialist can write a citation or 30-day warning for expired rabies vaccination and tags. However they are not able to issue a citation for a dog at large unless they see the violation, or unless you and a neighbor, not related to you, provide separate affidavits attesting to the violation.

If you don’t know for sure where the dog lives, provide the dispatcher with as much information about the dog and its owner as you know, including description of the dog, when the dog runs loose, who the owner might be, where the owner might live, and when the owner might be home. An Animal Care Specialist will visit the neighborhood at a time the dog usually is at large.

Step 2

Ask the dispatcher for the Activity Number of the call. You can call back a few days later, and ask the dispatcher for a report on the results of the visit.

I just saw a Coyote. What can we do about them?

Coyotes have been in many cities in Florida and even in much more northern states.

Because The Woodlands has many wooded areas in and around the perimeter of our neighborhood, it makes an excellent home for Coyotes. These animals are Omnivores (plant/fruit and animal eaters) and small wild animals and pets are food source. We looked at ways to try to eliminate them, but soon found out from Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) seminars that several of our board members attended, that Coyotes are here to stay. 

If you see coyotes in The Woodlands, contact the South Florida Wildlife Care Center at (954) 524-4302. If seen, do not approach or feed them. Coyotes may look similar to domestic dogs, as it appears that they have bred with them. To reduce the chance of an attack, avoid excessive foliage growth, and remove outdoor pet food. Walk dogs on a leash (as required by law), and keep cats indoors. If approached by a coyote, police-strength pepper spray (SABRE) will likely deter them. 

See the coyote info document in other documents below.

If you want to know more, here are some other sources:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Southwest Region 863-648-3200

Wildlife Alert hotline (toll-free): 888-404-FWCC (888-404-3922)


I love to walk and ride my bicycle in the Woodlands. What side should I walk or ride on in the bike lane?

Pedestrians walk towards the traffic, while bikers ride with the traffic. 

Baby carriages should be walked on the inside part of the path. 

If you’re walking at night, use a flashlight and wear clothes that are made of light colors.

Given that The Woodlands has many pedestrians, including ones who are multi-generational, please do not exceed the speed limit. BSO is authorized to give speeding citations in The Woodlands, including citations to residents.

I'm new in the Woodlands. What are the trash collection days and rules?

• Monday collection: green-lidded container, trash only; bulk & bundled yard waste

• Thursday collection: green-lidded container, trash only; yellow-lidded container, recyclable material only

The pick-up schedule for both days is from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can place your container(s) outside starting at 7:00 p.m. the night before. The container(s) must also be brought back in by the end of the pickup day. Failure to comply with these rules can result in a code violation.

If you have an issue with WM, contact Tamarac’s Recycling and Trash Hotline at (954) 597-3740.

For general information, contact WM at (866) 684-3142 or at www.wm.com.

I'm selling my home. Someone said I can't have a sign. What is the rule about signs?

The following are the real estate sign rules in the Woodlands.  Please note, a BSO sheriff will remove unauthorized signs.

Real estate signs, provided the signs are placed a minimum of ten (10) feet from the property line, only one (1) sign shall be permitted per property. 

The size of the sign shall be no larger than fifteen (15) inches in height, twenty-four (24) inches in width. The top of the sign when measured from the ground (where the sign is installed) shall not exceed thirty-six (36) inches in height. 

Open house signs which shall be permitted on weekends only when the subject property is staffed by a realtor or the homeowner. The size of the sign shall be no larger than fifteen (15) inches in height, twenty-four (24) inches in width. The top of the sign when measured from the ground (where the sign is installed) shall not exceed thirty-six (36) inches in height.

No open house or directional signs are permitted off the subject property.